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The Shattering

The Shattering - Karen Healey [editing in my thoughts from comments]I FOOKING LOOVED IT.I put it down and refused to pick it up again a long while back, not because I didn't like it, but because I didn't want there to be No More Karen Healey To Read Waaaah. But I got to the point where I couldn't resist picking it up again (yesterday afternoon), so I read it again from the beginning, and it rocked my socks.Fun (scary) mythology, of a type that's not been overdone in other books. Great pacing. A resolution. Creepy small-town weirdness. Sensitive treatment of suicide. A really awesome sense of place; I had no problem visualising the place and feeling the vibe. Characters of various races, heritages and sexualities where it's no big deal except where it is - it's not unrealistically "I don't see colour", the characters are well aware of each other's differences (and others' prejudices) and these are plot-relevant at times, but not in a tokenistic or fetishistic sort of way.I have the odd niggle ("spaz"-dropping in YA dialogue is my personal bugbear!), but I think Karen's already aware of them :)The point-of-view changes (three POVs, one first-person, two third-person) had me blinking briefly at first, till I realised what (I think) she was trying to achieve with them - and then they worked for me.It feels to me that, despite the suicide-related storyline, it is maybe suitable for a slightly younger audience (as well as up to adult, of course) than Guardian of the Dead, but I'm not sure why I think that. Will have to cogitate on it further.I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to her next book. Which I'll probably inhale on day one, this time, and just resolve to re-read her others when I get all pine-y. Or maybe read them to my son.