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Soulless: The Manga Vol. 2 (The Parasol Protectorate Manga #2)
Gail Carriger
Asymmetry (Twelve Planets)
Thoraiya Dyer
Mullumbimby Madness #1: Never Trust a Book with a Colour Cover
Neil Dobbs
The Walking Dead, Vol. 18: What Comes After
Charlie Adlard, Robert Kirkman
Sunburnt Country
Fiona Palmer
Bark at the Moon: Bert Rokey's Letters from the South Pacific, 1942-1945: How a Soldier and Sabetha, His Kansas Farm Community, Survived World War II
Cleta Gresham Rokey
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Mark Twain
Girl Defective
Simmone Howell
Midnight Blue-Light Special
Seanan McGuire
My Policeman
Bethan Roberts

Dreaming of Amelia

Dreaming of Amelia  - Jaclyn Moriarty I know I'm the odd one out here. There was enough to be engaging here, in stuttering bursts - but I felt it was desperately screaming out for an unshrinking editor. There is definitely the bones of an absolutely glorious 300-page three (or mmmaybe four)-points-of-view book somewhere in this dragging morass.I'm still looking forward to picking up Moriarty's next book, however! Perhaps with a new approach, or perhaps with a new editor.