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The Indigo Spell: A Bloodlines Novel

The Indigo Spell - Richelle Mead The Indigo Spell is a solid addition to the Bloodlines series, picking up the pace and drive from the somewhat wallowing Golden Lily installment. I found the main storyline more engaging and the relationship between Sydney and Adrian a little more believable. I wasn't keen on the way that relationship stalled and became repetitive over a good book and a half, but at least things have moved along a little by the end of the book. At times the relationship teetered a dubious-consent knife-edge, but the consent was re-negotiated several times, which was a plus. The tight couple focus of this book found me missing the ensemble/Scooby Gang feel of some of the other novels in the extended series, but that's a matter of taste - I know some readers want more Sydney and Adrian as a high priority.What I didn't like was seeing many of the next moves and the big mistakes before the characters did. They're supposed to be so smart, so why was I feeling smarter than them? I also found myself at times seeing the bones of the book a bit too much, feeling the author moving the chess pieces into place, and this sometimes led to a failure to suspend analysis and get swept up in the story. This wasn't a major issue, but it did eat into my enjoyment a little.Characterisation was a bit of an issue for me. As with The Golden Lily, I feel like I still know Adrian a lot better than I do Sydney. I still don't really have a feel for what makes her tick, for what drives her, for her individuality. I know she's diet-obsessed, I know she likes to wear dull khakis and buttoned-up matronly blouses, I know she has great aim, I know... not a lot more than that. The repeated efforts to tell us that Sydney likes a mundane, monotonous world end up at times just boring the reader. Things happen to her, she does what she's told, she doesn't really make a lot happen. Perhaps until she breaks the tattoo? Will she then come out of this repressed shell? I'm hoping her insipidity is all just set-up for the progression of that series-long arc, but it does lend a bit of a dragging feel.I love the addition of Warriors and magic users to the universe, and I'm really hoping that more supernaturals and covert groups will come to light as this six-book series continues on. I didn't quite get the purpose of the wee dragon, though. Was this just a set-up for future books? I was hoping he would play a substantial role in the denouement, but he didn't. Maybe it's just the Pern-lover in me, but more tiny dragons please! More!