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Everything Beautiful

Everything Beautiful - Simmone Howell I really liked most of this A-Week-At-Bible-Camp book. The ambiguity around faith and scepticism - no pushing of any specific message, but opening doors here and there - really appealed. The POV character was likable and deeply flawed at the same time, another thing that appeals. The stars were lost for ableist language. Especially in a book that was doing some simultaneously fantastic and non-preachy stuff with disability: for the text to be peppered with pointless, unchallenged "spaz"es and "retards" is just inexcusable. Every time, I was jarred right out of the story. Teenagers use a shitload of unpleasant words to insult each other, and most of them aren't ableist. If you're trying to get across the idea that your character is a bit a shit sometimes and doesn't use lily-white language, how about, I don't know, "douchebag" or "asswipe"? The random out of place "curry-munching" also clanked like a broken cymbal.