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Soulless: The Manga Vol. 2 (The Parasol Protectorate Manga #2)
Gail Carriger
Asymmetry (Twelve Planets)
Thoraiya Dyer
Mullumbimby Madness #1: Never Trust a Book with a Colour Cover
Neil Dobbs
The Walking Dead, Vol. 18: What Comes After
Charlie Adlard, Robert Kirkman
Sunburnt Country
Fiona Palmer
Bark at the Moon: Bert Rokey's Letters from the South Pacific, 1942-1945: How a Soldier and Sabetha, His Kansas Farm Community, Survived World War II
Cleta Gresham Rokey
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Mark Twain
Girl Defective
Simmone Howell
Midnight Blue-Light Special
Seanan McGuire
My Policeman
Bethan Roberts

Stories from Shakespeare

Stories from Shakespeare - I'm currently doing a read-aloud Stories from Shakespeare with my eight-year-old, and it's bloody marvellous! Apart from smallish text on dark-coloured ground on some pages, that is.He is loving it, so long as I do plenty of funny voices, with hilarious lovestruck swains and scary ghosts and imperious kings. The stories are engaging, short enough, and well-written, distilling the essence of the story without losing unnecessarily much in the modern-language rewriting.As soon as we'd finished Romeo and Juliet, he turned to me and said, "You know what would be cool? Romeo and Juliet, with guns."So guess what we're in the middle of watching now?(His first comment, shortly into the movie: "Everyone's a poet in this, aren't they?")