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The Walking Dead, Vol. 18: What Comes After
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Sunburnt Country
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Bark at the Moon: Bert Rokey's Letters from the South Pacific, 1942-1945: How a Soldier and Sabetha, His Kansas Farm Community, Survived World War II
Cleta Gresham Rokey
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
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Midnight Blue-Light Special
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My Policeman
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Forgotten - Cat Patrick I really liked this! Skilfully-written contemporary spec fic, with an intriguing premise that I enjoyed playing with in my head. Sure, it was wildly implausible - but isn't most fantasy fiction? I though this was fun and well-paced, with just enough pathos to stop it being fluff. The love interest might have been just a leeeetle too perfect, but that's a pretty minor flaw, and (after reading books like Stolen and Speak) I think it's quite nice to have someone to squee over for a change.